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Engage The Art Shack for your next special event and let us bring the paint your own pottery experience to you! Pottery, paint, and painting supplies are provided. We clean up when your done painting and then take the painted pieces with us for firing. Pottery pieces are then returned to the host for pickup by guests.

Additional Information

Prior to completing our Special Event request form, do the following:

    ⁃    Identify up to 3 potential dates and times for your event. Events generally include an hour for set up, 2-3 hours to paint, and an hour for cleanup.

    ⁃    Identify the guest list for your event so that we know the number of painters to plan on.

    ⁃    Identify the location for your event.  Event locations should comfortably seat the number of guests you are planning on, as well as provide a nearby water source and space for paint and supplies.

    ⁃    Identify how you would like to select the pottery pieces to be painted (Host selects pottery for guests or Guests choose their own pottery). The Art Shack will be able to provide additional guidance here, if needed.

How much does it cost:

    ⁃    A non-refundable fee of $30 is required once a date has been confirmed.

    ⁃    Host and/or Guests pay for the pottery selected.  Pottery options and pricing may be found on the Pottery Options page in this website.

Please Note:

    ⁃    A minimum of 6 painters and $150 in pottery is required for any special event that is facilitated by The Art Shack. For those that may not meet these minimums, we offer take and make kits for just the cost of the pottery selected.

- ⁃   We offer 3 hours of paint time for each special event. If you require additional time to paint your pieces, there will be an additional $10 charge for each half hour over the 3 hours scheduled.

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